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  1. reedbo
    Nice avatar, it's the colored album art from Young & Unafraid - The Moth & The Flame
  2. AtomicSans
    How am I supposed to pronounce your username? I subvocalize when reading so not being able to make an educated guess as to pronunciation really messes with me.
  3. TheDrunkenOne
    tho i must warn you that if you want salsa it's very lewd
  4. TheDrunkenOne
    an animation by minus8
  5. Samiam22
    From what I understand of Romance languages in general, prepositions can be quite annoying and vague. Unless you're learning French formally, though, it shouldn't matter too much if you just pick a preposition, on the spot, based on what sounds right to you. When you get more experienced with the language and get used to communicating with it, you'll figure out passively how prepositions are used. Don't stress the specific usage of every one you come across, it's not really worth it. It's not like you'll suddenly become incomprehensible if you use the wrong one.
  6. Samiam22
    "Sur" (from Latin, super, meaning "above") is a preposition used mostly for locations and can usually be translated as "on", "sur la table" being "on the table", for example, when you use "sur", you're talking about things as they are. "Pour" (from Latin, pro, meaning "for, about, concerning") is for purpose, for instance; "J'écrire pour améliorer", "I write to improve", as well as a lot of other catch-all things like comparisons, recipients of gifts/actions/etc, directions, points of view, that sort of thing. When you use "pour", you're talking more about things more abstractly. It's like the difference between the indicative mood and the subjunctive mood.

    Rule of thumb that works most of the time; "sur" is for locations and where things physically are, while "pour" is for purpose. In English, the distinction would be something like "turn to the left" (even though this is "tourner á gauche in French) and "I read to learn".
  7. Ott
    oh hey it was you
  8. salty peanut v2
    there's heroin EVERYWHERE please send help
  9. Kiwi
    The anime girl is Neptune from Hyper Neptunia.
    The rest of it is a Cluster fuck of my works and someone else's ;V
  10. LegoGuy
    I must beg for forgibness o great gremmer nawtsy
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