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  1. teh pirate
    wanna scrap or what huh
  2. Fredrika
    Yea YOU
  3. deaded38
    Again, I tried harder than that. You need to stop making biased assumptions based off of typical experiences. Also, I said I [i]doubt[/i] you have respect for anybody but yourself. If you do, good for you. Now maybe you should try to give it to everyone even if they don't meet your physical standards.
  4. deaded38
    Oh yes, and I doubt you have respect for anybody but yourself you arrogant piece of shit.
  5. deaded38

    Now go say that to the people who can't even lift themselves up.

    "TRY HARDER YOU FATASS LOL IM SO COOL BECAUSE IM SKINNY" is what you would say, right?
  6. deaded38
    Except I didn't. Like I said, you're an ignorant piece of shit. You literally know nothing about how much I tried. Now please, go back to mindlessly insulting people when you really have no clue.
  7. deaded38
    I never got to respond to your last comment on my page, and this is what I have to say:

    I have tried, now shut the fuck up you ignorant piece of assuming shit.
  8. W_alex
    Nice Avatar. It's simple, yet awesome.
  9. Alcoholocaust
    NO U
  10. Wealth + Taste
    I hope that was in a good way and not a bad one


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