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  1. Conro101
    My rule is to think before I post. If the post would piss people off majorly, I wouldn't send it. Keeping it friendly is good, and remembering you don't have to post all the time is another helpful tip. I rewrote this reply like five times. If you feel a post doesn't "work," change it until it does, or better yet, scrap it. If you're nice to the people you like, and don't say anything to the people you don't, all you really have to worry about is basic stuff like posting where you shouldn't.

    Bottom line: Don't risk it, it's not worth it.
  2. EvilMattress
    i lurve u babe, dnt leav me
  3. Reserved Parkin
    Regardless of the loser below who posted, not everybody hates you! Love you too man, have a Merry Christmas! Take care.
  4. zydos
    lol everybody hates you

  5. Matt-
    say that to my face not online fucker
  6. Matt-
    paedophiles aren't disgusting, just politically incorrect, an 18 year old liking a 16 year old is classed as it, doesn't mean it's wrong.
  7. zydos
    Well that's not the point either, buy okay
  8. NateLB
    Why thank you :3
  9. zydos
    Well that's not the point, but okay
  10. zydos
    I have a gun but I don't use it like a toy, it's a weapon and a weapon only, so I only use it for that purpose on things that oh, aren't humans. Anyone can cheat and just shoot your face off, a real man fights with HONOUR~~


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