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  1. J!NX
  2. Luxuria
    Thanks! I'm really hoping it can still grow a fair bit before the year's out.
  3. Luxuria
    If you're interested, here it is in it's entirety so far.
  4. Luxuria
    Most of my masks at the moment are replicas of Slipknot's. I'm a huge fan of the band and it's a hobby that sort of developed from there. Masks in general are an interest I've had since I was a kid but only recently really been able to act upon it and flesh it out. It's a very weird hobby yeah but the best bit is when people take an interest in it.

    Glad you like them man!
  5. Fat White Lump
    There sure are, but I'll do my part to trigger them.
  6. NeverGoWest
    Your post:
  7. NeverGoWest
  8. NeverGoWest
    You know that one with the bald gremlin looking thing with the creepy smile? I think it is related to russian sleep experiment. It is a black and white photo.
  9. NeverGoWest
    Hey FlameCow I saw a three year old post of yours in a generally just creepy stuff thread. Remember that Halloween prop? The reason why it scares you is likely because of the teeth, we as animals have these primal instincts that makes us react to "predator like" features in things, that combined with you scrolling over the image gives your primal mind the impression that some sort of sharp teethed predator suddenly jumped in front of you. This sounds like bullshit because I am terrible at explaining stuff but I will try to find sources. Decided to post this here instead of in that thread because I do not like getting banned. Hope it brings some sort of explanation to things because I am too startled by teethed and hard to make out figures entering my vision. Pretty great Halloween prop, yes.
  10. Alfonso_Cj
    Hi. I'm working on my own ragdoll behaviour for GMod and I just want a tip of how to add it as a death/corpse ragdoll.
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