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  1. Ott
    Hey, do you think you can tell me if this master is better than the one I posted in the Musician's Gig Room? I took that overkill compression (minus the audacity stuff) and set the mix to 50%, then brickwalled the peaks that were +2dB above everything else (they were few and far between, everything else was at a fairly consistent level). I also split each half of the tracks into their own group and compressed it lightly (2:1 and 3:1) to glue things together. I also made the lead quieter because it was too loud compared to the piano without the overkill compression. You're the only person I've showed this to that's commented on the mixing, so I figured you'd know.

    In 320 for your listening pleasure:
  2. Bradyns
    I know I am late, but fuck Brazil.

    Their keeper wasn't on the line in the penalty shootouts on almost every shot, and we should have had a dot shot in regulation time for a professional foul inside the 20yard box.

    Still, to deny Marta their female football god a penalty shot was satisfying.. If only Gorry had scored the 5th.
  3. paindoc
    i mean i was alive and would've talked with you on skype but skype on windows is fucking cancer

    im busy with work, getting ready to move, and getting ready to get a doggo tho
  4. Wingz
    ay nerd imagine me bullying u
  5. Zelle
  6. ColdAsRice
    I'm in San Ramon, the place where nothing happens and shouldn't happen.
  7. ColdAsRice
    Are you a bay area person
  8. Hoob
    Glad you liked it! I loved it. The soundtrack was also top-notch.

    Also Rocky is a much better actor than I would've expected.
  9. da space core
    whos a seawolf
  10. Hoob
    this is how he finally discovers me

    this is my moment
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