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  1. BenjaminTennison
    Because I share a link to Sega megadrive games?
  2. BenjaminTennison
    Go on, feller! As a bonus, I'll give some details on the ROMs:

    ALEXKID.SMD (Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle)
    BT_DD.SMD (Battletoads & Double Dragon)
    SHAQ_FU.BIN (Shaq Fu, the infamous fighting game starring Shaquille O' Neil)
    darkcast.smd ([URL=""]Dark Castle[/URL], except this is the worst port of Dark Castle ever next to the CD-i port, first sign of EA's mistakes; Trying to port a Keyboard & mouse game to a controller)
    moonwalk.smd (Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Revision 00 so Thriller is included)
    prince.smd (Prince of Persia on Megadrive, contains music unlike the Genesis port!)
    sonic3.smd (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 separate from Sonic & Knuckles, you can download Sonic 3 Complete seperately if you don't like this or SONIC_K.BIN or SONICNUC.SMD)

    I've got more games like Skitchin, which is considered to be Road Rash on rollerblades! Sorry, NBA Jam isn't included, but you can download it on sites like CoolROM if you like!
  3. BenjaminTennison
    That's why you can download Kega Fusion and some ROMs of the Sega Genesis games, [URL="40d45e56019b713349dae48436ad87e4f0862cfe"]here[/URL] are a few Sega Megadrive games (Kega Fusion not included, download seperately!).
  4. BenjaminTennison
    OK, I just checked out Shaq Fu on Sega Genesis; Because there aren't enough buttons on the original controller, I decided to use a Six-button controller (setup, because it's on an emulator). The characters are all very difficult to control, and the special moves aren't even mentioned (Again, I use an emulator so that's my problem)

    Overall, the game isn't too good when you don't get to learn any of the special moves (that's also fake difficulty because you get denied knowledge). Final words: The game isn't near as good as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, despite the smooth animations
  5. scout1
    try now
  6. scout1
    it's down for the minute nobody joined
  7. Ermac20
    I thought most people didn't have a problem with me, most people in the TF2 section like me
  8. Ermac20
    Why do you think my reputation is bad?
  9. DarkMonkey
  10. NO ONE
    She's got the moves to pay the dues, and then some. I just wish I knew who she was so I could research herrr. Your fire wizard avatar lady I mean.
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