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  1. TheFilmSlacker
    I'm waiting for Fear The Walking Dead. I haven't seen as much as I'd care to admit, just mostly clips from the newer episodes, but I adore the concept, just hate the execution so far.

    I love the whisperer war so far. Honestly, it's just the build-up that's killing me.

    Also, I'm boring, I'm going with what most people are thinking. Glenn and Abraham are up to the bat. We'll just have to see on October 23rd. :P
  2. Noss


    or may

    i want to get off this country
  3. Sobotnik
    half polish
  4. Noss
    the fact that people like boilrig exist makes me want to kill myself
  5. Ryanzilla
    I don't think I've ever played 2b2t
  6. Noss
    It's a sick nightmare man. I cannot believe we've learned nothing about Nationalism in the past century.
  7. Noss
    Holy fucking shit. The amount of leave voters on here who openly admit to being a nationalist is fucking horrifying.
  8. JoeSkylynx
    Some servers are starting to run crate and key systems in place of donations, and are using it to launder money they make from "other means" via bitcoin. You'll also see the server owners dumping all money made into bitcoins before shit goes to far where they start getting taxed by the IRS. Pretty bad tbh.
  9. Destroyox
    Samurai were also mercenaries. Most Samurai in fact did not have an inherent dedication to those who hired them. That doesn't mean they weren't loyal to their bosses though.
    BTW it'd be a lot easier to not think of Samurai and Ninjas as opposites. Someone could easily be both. Samurai were barely targets for Ninja assassination, because they were just feudal warriors, who cares if 1 is killed. There wasn't a rivalry between the two in any way, they were probably disliked by Samurai though. Much in the same way murderers and bandits were disliked.
  10. Destroyox
    Also Ninjas and Samurai are something you can't just lob into 1 category. Samurai was more of a class while Ninjas were people trained in schools of stealth and subterfuge. Samurai were more like Knights or Military-Policeman while Ninjas were more spies, assassins, or Commandos.
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