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  1. Destroyox
    Samurai were also mercenaries. Most Samurai in fact did not have an inherent dedication to those who hired them. That doesn't mean they weren't loyal to their bosses though.
    BTW it'd be a lot easier to not think of Samurai and Ninjas as opposites. Someone could easily be both. Samurai were barely targets for Ninja assassination, because they were just feudal warriors, who cares if 1 is killed. There wasn't a rivalry between the two in any way, they were probably disliked by Samurai though. Much in the same way murderers and bandits were disliked.
  2. Destroyox
    Also Ninjas and Samurai are something you can't just lob into 1 category. Samurai was more of a class while Ninjas were people trained in schools of stealth and subterfuge. Samurai were more like Knights or Military-Policeman while Ninjas were more spies, assassins, or Commandos.
  3. Destroyox
    Peasants were good assassins because they were inconspicuous. Most of the ways they killed were poison, stabbing someone in their sleep, typical assassin stuff.
    Ninjas were very good at blending in because they essentially looked exactly the same as everyone else they were blending in with. A lot of the time Ninjas were just spies instead of killers. If a ninja got into a sword fight with a Samurai he would be completely fucked, unless they were a Samurai turned Ninja (who were Ninjas that easily blended in with other Samurai). Regardless, they would prefer to escape rather than fight, hence why there's a bunch of Ninja tools which would make that easy.
    BTW Ninjas wearing all black is a big myth, it would just make them easier to find out.
  4. 01271
    No the new forum looks really gay so I haven't bothered.
  5. JoeSkylynx
    5000 text limit is killing me, pm me back and I'll try to give you some more info.
  6. Big Dumb American
    Really? I'll ban for any amount of time requested. Only limited by the mod control panel. 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, a month. Anything longer is a perma until they request to be unbanned
  7. 01271
    I do.
  8. dai
    wasn't actively banning all the time and postal was doing a sweep for 'inactive' mods. If all I was doing was talking at people to sort situations it doesn't merit a green name (or DOES it, some people would bitch about lording mod powers over them if my/other mods' opinion conflicts with their own)
  9. Giraffen93
    yeah but one can be good at coding but not design and vice versa

    not firing any shots at anyone here
  10. Giraffen93
    design knowledge != programming knowledge
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