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  1. Giraffen93
    you think? looks really good
    only personal opinion is that it needs more contrast for readability
  2. Giraffen93
    depends on what you want to do with it

    * { pointer-events: none; }
  3. Mr. Face
    Hope that's true. Don't really want to move lol
  4. NightmareX91
    Yeah I managed to fix that, I'll shoot you a PM.
  5. Mr. Face
    The subforums would be nice but there's going to be a character limit in posts among other major issues.
  6. Mr. Face
    Yep, the RP group Zilla and I are in is most likely going to have to leave FP to keep going. It's a shame. I see no actual reason why these changes need to be made to the forum.
  7. NightmareX91
    show me the css
  8. Mr. Face
    I go to Zilla's page and see something about Crapt getting doxxed

    do tell
  9. FlashMarsh
    I don't particularly care about her family's history, I'm aware that Edward VIII was a massive scumbag for example but I only care about her personal actions. On the other points, do you have any evidence whatsoever? I have never seen it portrayed as anything but a strange European cultural quirk. I don't think anyone except ardent Republicans really care very much.

    Besides, the Queen is essential to much of British tradition in my view and is inseparable to the organic growth of Parliamentary government and constitutional monarchy. There is widespread support with big margins for the monarchy amongst the general population, and she (like it or not) serves largely as a unifier in a time of divided politics. Her negative effects are absolutely minimal (provide proper evidence rather than hearsay about us being a 'laughing stock' and I might change my mind), and a lot of people care about the monarchy a great deal. This makes the arguments in favour of abolishing the monarchy weak.
  10. FlashMarsh
    Not really. What has the Queen done to 'hold the nation back'? How come we're a laughing stock but numerous countries with monarchs (Spain, Netherlands, Sweden) aren't? How is she a 'criminal'?

    That wasn't even the point of my post, anyway. The point was to defend aspects of tradition. Even if you are a Republican, are you suggesting we do entirely away with all of the traditions of the state opening of Parliament?
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