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  1. Mysterious
  2. salty peanut v2
  3. salty peanut v2
  4. Slade Xanthas
  5. Aldawolf
    nobody calls me wolf except people I've known for a long time

    wolves are lame overrated trash though, I only roll with this name because It's been kinda cemented in as one for me.
  6. DiscoMelon
    That said, if you keep putting your work out there people will take notice. Post in art threads. Get a tumblr and a deviantart if you don't already. Post to facebook; really anywhere and everywhere you can.

    The biggest thing about art is that to get good at it it takes time and practice. A lot of time and practice. And don't let anyone shame you or tell you to stop, or to stop posting your work, or to throw your wacom out of the window or whatever. We all start out somewhere, believe it or not we were all at one point shitty artists, but we got better, because we practiced and took advice.
    Again, just keep working at it, and don't stop. Don't ever, ever, ever stop.
  7. DiscoMelon
    You have to remember that these people doing this are trying to help you, and their wisdom is not something to be ignored. Here's a secret; almost anyone can become a great artist, but only if you realize that you can do better than you are doing now. There is always room to improve, always something to learn. After a while you are going to look back at your past work and shudder. This is a good thing, it means you've improved since then. To get better you need to know that you need to get better; always be open to constructive criticism.

    As for getting attention for your art, again, put it out there. Upload it. Show it off. Offer to do little works for your friends. Don't ever let people tell you to do big stuff for them for free, or for 'exposure'. These people want some chump to do free shit for them, they are not to be trusted and working with them will not benefit you at all. Here's a twitter that compiles examples of this bullshit
  8. DiscoMelon
    Just make more art. Make sure you have good heavy weight paper to work with if you do anything serious with it; as while you can draw on practically anything decent paper goes a long way to reduce frustration as it's a lot more forgiving of mistakes and liberal usage of an eraser.

    It helps a lot if you put your art out there as often as possible, and always ask for constructive criticism. A good place to find art advice is the creative megathread here on Facepunch. Just remember that people are going to point out flaws in your work here, and for a lot of people that's not easy to take.
  9. DiscoMelon
    Erasers are more than just for fixing mistakes, they're another 'brush' if you will, but instead of drawing shadows like you would with a pencil, you instead draw highlights, like reflected spots of light on glass for example. Note that this primarily applies to pencil drawing.

    Everything else I really learned through hours of practice really. That and always being open to constructive criticism. I'd make up a how to draw 'insert thing here' but to be honest you're better off just studying objects in real life, or if you absolutely must from photos, although any artist worth their salt will tell you that studying from real life is better. Take that sketchpad of yours and take it everywhere with you. Whenever you get a free moment spend it drawing.
  10. DiscoMelon
    Man, just keep working at it, and don't stop. Don't ever stop.

    I learned how to draw faces from this neat little book,
    When drawing objects always try to simplify them down to their most basic shapes and add detail from there. A coffee cup for example is a cylinder with a ring (the handle) going through it. The important this is to look at
    objects and break them down yourself; what basic objects do YOU see. At first it will seem like it takes forever to plan out stuff like this, especially when it comes to people, but after doing it a few times it feels like a breeze. Another thing is that when I draw I go over everything and make it a darker value, and then I take an eraser and use that for my lighter values.
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