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  1. Oizen
  2. Anubis578
    Yep, sounds shady. That sucks bro
  3. Anubis578
    Damn dude, that's fucked. Maybe it's just way behind? Have you been able to contact the seller?
  4. Anubis578
    Always :)

    Buy the ticket, take the ride. And I've been on this ride before. Many times. Plus, I'm beast at my job, one of the veteran employees, and I work like a crazy motherfucker when I'm spun. Unfortunately, I also occasionally look like a meth-head. But I got that cleaned up and I take care of myself (the fucked up face is from slight dehydration and trying to sleep on my face, I'm pretty sure)
  5. Coyoteze
    Oh yeeaAAAH now I remember.

    I wonder what her reaction was to that sudden spike in popularity...
  6. Coyoteze
    I'm trying to remember who your avatar is, I know I've seen her before and it was something about Ukraine.
  7. ImpSnob
    i need an adult
  8. ImpSnob
    your avi is....proseCUTE
  9. Anubis578
    Google + Bluelight/DrugsForum says that amphetamine paste is just amphetamines that haven't been fully dried after being washed by the manufacturer (?). Supposedly all you have to do is let it fully dry. It's [supposedly] a racemic blend of amphetamine sulfate, and I'm guessing marketplace paste is pretty damn pure. I dunno. I don't have any experience with paste or street speed, but paste seems really big in the U.K.

    There are a bunch of different threads detailing procedures for further cleaning/extraction and also conversion. I'd be interesting in getting some paste, or pure amph, and finding a way to make it smokeable. Though I hear amphetamines (as opposed to methamphetamine) are not worth smoking.
  10. Anubis578
    Well, speed refers to amphetamines in general.

    My understanding of amphetamines (limited, without a doubt) is based on pharmaceutical amphetamines. My understanding is that "speed" refers to either dextroamphetamine or methamphetamine. Now, I'm very drunk and fucked up on a number of substances (amphetamines included, funny enough), so I wouldn't take anything I say as fact.

    As far as amphetamine paste... I have no idea. First I've heard of it, though it sounds wonderful.
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