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  1. Anubis678
    Damn, those prices are fucking good
  2. Anubis678
    How much do tabs/molly/ket usually go for on there?
  3. Anubis678
    In the last year or so, I acquired a great source for potent mushrooms. A little while back, I was tripping about once a week, and it was the best I felt in my life. Psychedelics are so wonderful.
  4. Anubis678
    It's part of growing up, I guess. I've chilled a bit. I've matured a bit. I'm less naive and more experienced.

    I know how the shipping situation goes, man. I once had some Spice intercepted by my parents, and came real fucking close to having them intercept a few shipments of 2C-E/2C-I/2C-T-2. That wouldn't have been fun to explain.

    I have a buddy that's gotten molly off the deep web. Some FIRE fucking molly. Were I to get on there, and were I to have the money to spend (I feel ya on that, bro), I'd probably end up getting molly, acid and ket. Ketamine is fan-fucking-tastic
  5. Anubis678
    I appreciate that, but it's not entirely earned. I've read through a lot of my old posts. Not only were most of them arrogant, over-assertive, and harshly critical, I wasn't always right. On top of that, my personal experience with most of the things I was discussing was minimal or non-existent. Textbook knowledge can be important, but it only goes so far, and I really didn't have the experience to back my shit up. tl;dr: I was a cocky ass and deserved to be attacked and not respected. Oh well, as long as I helped some people out and inspired informed and responsible use...

    I've considered using the deep web, but haven't for a couple reasons. The first is that I'm lazy as shit and it seems like a lot of work. The other reason is, once set up, it seems like a really easy source for things that I don't want to have an easy source for. Namely, meth. lol
  6. Anubis678
    I agree completely. Meth is the one I've been most hesitant to try because I know there's a possibility that it's the one that will end me. But I have to know, and if I do it right, I can set it up so I won't let myself get hooked. The biggest thing here is finding someone willing to fuck with it, and finding someone with good product. The coke around here is all stomped to shit, so I can only imagine what the crystal is like.

    And I'm not bothered by the interest. In fact, it's rather flattering
  7. Anubis678
    I haven't yet. I'm still trying to figure out if I have a connect. I have people who could definitely set me up, but they don't want any part of it. I'm hoping by the end of the month, I'll have found some. I'll let you know when I do.
  8. Zillamaster55
  9. Zillamaster55
    "error adding friend, please try again"
  10. Zillamaster55
    I did after a second series of panic attacks and then attempted suicide. If you want to re-add me just say so.
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