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  1. Anubis578
    Well, speed refers to amphetamines in general.

    My understanding of amphetamines (limited, without a doubt) is based on pharmaceutical amphetamines. My understanding is that "speed" refers to either dextroamphetamine or methamphetamine. Now, I'm very drunk and fucked up on a number of substances (amphetamines included, funny enough), so I wouldn't take anything I say as fact.

    As far as amphetamine paste... I have no idea. First I've heard of it, though it sounds wonderful.
  2. Mysterious Mr.E
  3. Mysterious Mr.E
  4. Wingz
    didnt know u was ukrainian
  5. FlutterRaeg
    I used to be a Super Admin on HZ's Hl2RP. I recently rejoined and am now an operator again.
  6. Wingz
    great avatar
    maximum waifu
  7. Mysterious Mr.E
    the black one?
  8. Anubis578
    Damn, that sucks man
  9. Anubis578
    I'm not sure how much Vyvanse is. With my health insurance, I get my Adderall for $7 a bottle. For 30mg XRs.
  10. Anubis578
    I don't have any personal experience with 4-FA, nor do I know all that much about it. If it's the one I'm thinking of, I've heard very mixed reviews and I'd approach it cautiously. As far as amphetamine neurotoxicity, I'm under the impression that dextro/levo/amphetamines are not neurotoxic (or substantially neurotoxic) when used in moderation. If you're worried about developing an amphetamine problem and heading down my path (being a speedfreak has its ups and downs, though more downs in the longterm), I'd recommend Vyvanse. Vyvanse is the non-abusable amphetamine-based medication. It is Lisdextroamphetamine, with the "lis" being (my chem is sketchy, take this with a grain of salt and do not quote me on it) a protein (<- the iffy part) requiring the drug be broken down and absorbed through the digestive track. I find Vyvanse to be very smooth and therapeutic (I'm actually on it today), moreso than Adderall, though less speedy and almost entirely non-recreational.
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