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  1. UnderSmoke
  2. Hardpoint Nomad
    Hey I'm here from the "exploit flaws in her beauty" lesson because you disabled comments there, so bear that in mind. Anyway damn I didn't know dating coaches came in fun sizes! How many wooden boxes did you have to stand on to get in the frame for this video you little keebler elf night stalker? You've got more hair on your neck than you do on your face, which as we all know just screams "pussy magnet." Then again I'll bet the only screaming you hear is "SECURITY!" right before you get kicked out of the club for harassing women about stubby feet and guy hands. Hey nice sunglasses, do they come in mens? I mean I know you do but that's another story. Alright creepy Zach Braff one love Salvia over and out hope your future daughter which no woman wants to have with you never finds this facepunch profile!
  3. Hardpoint Nomad
    Ur fingering sucks
  4. Ott
    I'm pretty sure your fingering is shit if you have to use your left hand to move around.
  5. Hardpoint Nomad
    Are you sure this video wasn't some form of vaccine because I feel straight up retarded after watching this shit. I'd like to lobby against your caveman in a business suit looking ass ever again posting one of these "shock videos!" What the fuck is a "shock video!" anyway? Am I supposed to be shocked that Penn Jillette's son turned out so disappointing? In conclusion, this video was a real toothy blowjob of a waste of time and 9/11 wasn't weird at all. fuck me daddy.
  6. Sand Castle
    hahaha more like freakyPOOP

  7. Hardpoint Nomad
    syke balls cant vote this was nomad the whole time go fuck yourself PEACE
  8. Hardpoint Nomad
    Haha great stuff! I can't imagine a world where any of you little twink sluts could possibly grow up to help society, so maybe getting yourselves beaten to death on a sidewalk somewhere is the best course of action. Hope you're making mad money off this shit because you're gonna need it when you meet someone who doesn't stop stomping your head when you tell them that it's just a prank. You also call it a "prank gone wrong" which makes me wonder if you had some other idea of how things would turn out here. The only way this prank went wrong is that you little idiots didn't end up in nightmare comas like we were all hoping would happen while watching this.

    George Bush might have orchestrated 9/11, but in terms of being little cunts, you guys make him look like Atticus Finch.

    Do you know who Atticus Finch is? No? No no probably yeah of course not no you don't know who he is yeah go suck my dick.
  9. Squad1993
    im up in emmitsburg brev
  10. Squad1993
    you're from frederick eh
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