I pleasure myself while wearing Combine armour~~

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  1. TurbisV2
  2. gman003-main
    No, Protomen.

  3. Davidn64
  4. Davidn64
    For you, all the time :3
  5. =(E)=AndromK
    its armor
    not armour
    please stop making this mistake
    do people really spell it like that? wat
  6. Saturn V
    yeah i know

    i like it tho
  7. Saturn V
    nm u
  8. Saturn V
  9. xplicitt
    well, some german forum has a huge thread about using the 1600x900 video cable with it and it working flawlessly... if it's the right panel, a b15hw01 V4 panel from a lenovo computer, not a wang chang lung compatible repacement, because of the screen's edid crap. I'd love to take a whack at stuffing the fhd panel in, but no one has the right panel, only the chinashit replacements.
  10. xplicitt
    It's a -2847 SL510, upgraded to a t9800 and a crucial ssd. plan to pop 8gb of ram in it, and swap out a 1080p screen from a w520. also looking for the sl510 motherboard that had a mobility radeon on it, not the shit igpu.


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