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  1. Dr.Fox
    Are you around?
  2. moesislack
    Naa got computer networking diploma I just live here and work. The Mac students ordering internet every semester start is a huge gold mine though lol.
  3. moesislack
    Canadian chat thread
  4. moesislack
    oh god another fper from the hammer
  5. Tophat
    Hey! Apparently I did very well on the aptitude test. They closed my file for a year though because apparently any unprescribed drug use is not tolerated. Thank you for all of your help though, I appreciate it a lot! Also feel free to stay in touch if you'd like.
  6. Tophat
    Thanks for your help bro, I appreciate it, i'm going to try and attend an info night ASAP. I have my CFAT and personality test tomorrow. I'm a little concerned about the math path, but I feel overall confident about it and that I'll do well. I guess we'll see!
  7. Tophat
    That'll be the day! haha.
    I have another question for ya actually, I got invited by a recruiter to an info night at FYA; do you think it would be of any benefit to go in regards to how they choose who they hire etc? It's just that I don't really have any questions left to ask about the process and I don't feel like driving down to FYA if it's not going to be worth my time. Did you attend any sessions like that?
  8. Tophat
    Wow haha, you're fairly close. Yeah, who knows what the future will hold!
  9. Tophat
    I didn't get news about the other parts just yet. And yep 32CBG is what i'm looking to join, are you in 32CBG?
  10. Tophat
    Siick, I hope you have a good time out there! I did fine on the fitness test, passed it all thankfully, the floors were fucking slippery at FYA resulting in the bag drag being a pain in the ass, but all was well haha. It didn't sound like the aptitude test he was referring to, but that's interesting/good to know that you haven't heard of it, maybe he was just talking shit lol.

    Awesome bro, I added you.
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