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  1. Blueplastic
    Fucking finally
  2. Sergeant Stacker
    That wasn't a direct answer though, I'm asking why you want to continue asserting your personal problems with me even though that shit happened over a year ago. I'm adding you to my ignore list since you are completely incapable of holding a normal conversation. What did we learn here? I have won.
  3. Blueplastic
    I am not a homophobe and you're an idiot who talks out of his ass.
    Here, a direct answer.
    Now I wait for your butthurt manchild reply.
  4. Sergeant Stacker
    Way to prove my point, you did not provide a direct answer.
  5. Blueplastic
    Why are you talking to yourself on my profile page?
    Although I am interested how can you be a butthurt shit for over a year straight.
  6. Sergeant Stacker
    I doubt you have the decency to give this question a real answer, but why do you feel the need to reignite this every month?
  7. Blueplastic
    I'm a homophobe? Lmao you're pathetic
  8. Sergeant Stacker
    For a homophobe you sure seem to enjoy talking about butts and how you think everybody is a faggot except yourself.
  9. Blueplastic
    getting trolled by le femtrolls army xd
  10. Dr. Gestapo
    hug e sperg
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