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  1. Qaus
    To be honest I wouldn't believe you if you said you [I][B]did[/B][/I] write it. Like I said, it's a very generic name and there's probably a thousand people who use it.
    When I get the chance I'll buy you a title if you want.
  2. Qaus
    I think Jimbomcb doesn't realize that "shadowfox234" is an extremely generic name and could be one of a thousand identical "shadowfox234s". Avoid KTT and maybe GMF for your own sake.
  3. Skunky
    Well, I didn't get to see your "old" title :(
  4. Bakyte
    Too many Fabulous people on FP now
  5. Skunky
    It takes some time.
  6. Skunky
    What a nice title.
  7. Secrios
    Would you like me to fix your title?
  8. Chaplin
    Oh god, your title.

    It's eyecatching to say the least.
  9. Kai-ryuu
    1. (x) Have you ever howled at the moon?
    2. (x) Have you ever barked at someone?
    3. (x) Have you ever found yourself drawing or scribbling furry art when you're supposed to be doing something else?
    7. (x) Do you like to look at furry porn all the time?
    8. (x) Do you RP or play second life as a furry character?
    9. (x) Do you own a fursuit or at least a tail?
    13. (x) Are you well known in the furry fandom?
    14. (x) Do you dream furry while you sleep?
    19. (x) Do you think that deep down you have the spirit of an animal within you?
    21. (x) Do you think we should have a furry run for president of the USA? (Just for gicks and kiggles)
    22. (x) If you ever became rich would you own a room in your house that was just to display your fursuits or furry art?
    23. (x) Is your best friend furry?
    24. (x) Does your furry friends call you by your furry name in public?
    25. (x) Have you been in the furry fandom for at least 5 years?
  10. Rolond Returns
    id ask you about your autism but through my amazing detective skills i kinda already guessed
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