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  1. paindoc
    jfc I owe you a beer if you ever move out west.

    like really, wtf happened. I'm just a typical engineer (a rocket science type, the engineeriest one can be lol) who likes my data and sees the world in data.

    The data didn't account for the human factor of who got out and voted yesterday, though. welp. I'll keep my foot in my mouth for a while yet
  2. hippowombat
    I'm sorry for what I said in the thread, I can't believe shit has actually come to this. Best of luck on your move, be safe.
  3. GayIlluminati
    Hope the move goes well. I'm rootin' for you guys.
  4. xeo xeo
    Much love to you Zilla, are you really gonna move with your gf? That's a huge step. I wish you both the best of luck. Stay strong.
  5. EuSKalduna
    Can I has info ticket for Aus Hun pls
  6. EuSKalduna
    Would it be valid to put in research "leech off German tech" or should I put in independent research? The Germans are offering it
  7. BlackMageMari
    I hope you'll never have to use that weapon. Coming from a country where people generally aren't armed, the fact that you'll need to be armed to be safe because of what your potential next government could do is terrifying.
  8. BlackMageMari
    I'm so scared for you. I hope to god Clinton is elected.
  9. jugerbro
    hey, +rep
  10. Blazyd
    I am Bubba Ho-Tep

    where is my spleen


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