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  1. EuSKalduna
    You and I must have the words
  2. Big Bang
    Sure thing
  3. Damian0358
    Nah, the situation with the Wahhabs is much more complex (as the Wikipedia article would show). Wahhabism/Salafism is that which forms the basis of Saudi Arabia, and is basically the worst.
  4. JumpinJackFlash
    hi sexy lizard

  5. Damian0358
    PMs are quite slow for proper conversationing.
  6. greeley
    Your speculation is impressive but only the posting part is true. Which i have apologised for.
    I've stopped now, i suggest you do the same, unless you want to be the one that won't let things rest?
  7. greeley
    drag what out?
  8. greeley
  9. greeley
    What can i say, your type tends to get my heckles up, you just seem impossibly rude and rudeness is the worst character trait. There is no need for it, your little dumb ratings around posts even if they're not even opinionated you tend to dumb them. I've worked out who you are and it just tends to irk me the wrong way because of your general being. But its fine now. I'm at piece with the idea of the type of person you are. Thanks
  10. WhichStrider
    A+ avatar!


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