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  1. Zonesylvania
    Sorry I'm late, I was stuck in traffic, and also just finished my dinner.
  2. Zonesylvania
    do you have a stiff neck, or are unable to look into bright lights without significant discomfort?
  3. Zonesylvania
    Have you experienced similar symptoms at around the same time in previous years, or is this also the first time your illness happened?
  4. UberMunchkin
    Did you remove me on steam? o.o
  5. Native Hunter
    hey man add me on steam, the names Thoros of Myr, or just give me your name
  6. Jellyman
    Also, in response to Dub below:

    You don't really get to say whether people are lying to someone especially with something like attraction. Either way, it's not really nice to just call someone unattractive.

    You had no way to defend yourself because there was no need to defend yourself, no one was attacking you other than saying what you did was rude; Until you started making excuses by saying it was just an opinion (even though it was uncalled for).
  7. Jellyman
    Regarding your comments on Dub's profile:

    I've called the CD/TG thread out on it's bullshit multiple times; I get the same response.

    The problem is that it's a chat, not a "discussion" thread.
    Any chance of debate is off of the table, mostly because Paige will come in and tell you to fuck off if you say anything even remotely controversial. They think everything is black/white.

    The people there are also a bit touchy to the point where it's a hugbox and I can't take them seriously. They like to victimise themselves and they lack the perspective to actually deal with differing views and etc maturely. I honestly feel the thread gives trans folk a bad name, especially considering what the thread USED to be..

    Basically: They act like teenagers with the whole woe is me thing, but I don't think raging at them like you did is the way to go. When I've brought up their retaliation and aggressiveness, I've always tried to do it constructively.
  8. Dub!
    Let them run free.
  9. Dub!
    No, no it's fine.

    I just said that I didn't exactly find somebody attractive and I know the whole "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all" bullshit, but I felt like people were lying to the girl so I went ahead and told her the truth. In return I got a mass amount of hate and really had no way to defend myself.

  10. Psychokitten
    you have my avatar


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