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  1. Robman8908
  2. Emperor Scorpious II
    Honestly thought it was pretty bullshit but it was only a day ban, 90% of which I spent sleeping and going to work so I wasn't going to push it.
  3. RocketSnail
    Me too thanks
  4. Totenkreuz
    Smoogie is better than Akane, yes.
  5. Reagy
    um no??
  6. Tudd
    Besides you are the guy who openly is for "hate speech" to be punished.

    Talk about being a hypocrite.
  7. Tudd
    Never need to block since I can handle a few mean posters on a gaming forum.
  8. Tudd
    If you feel so strongly about that you can always tell the mod team.

    Or have some self-control over yourself and ignore it and put me on your block list.
  9. Tudd
    If you mean the US Government's pockets then sure lol.
  10. Tudd
    Actually you would have a really hard time linking a time I used Fox as a news source, since I don't ever use them. Would have had to be about a year ago before the new sourcing rules, but I pretty much use left-center news over right-center.

    Also I can't speak the same way before on presidential issues due to an exciting career choice.
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