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  1. CrimsonChin
  2. Zotobom
    ''delivered half of the content and sold the rest''

    I was saying that they sold cars that should've been in there from the get-go because they were in 4 and really iconic.

    Sorry, that's a mistake on my part
  3. Zotobom
    That doesn't even begin to make sense

    ratings -/- finding things dumb

    Having a differing opinion isn't dumb. If I present it like ''FORZA = GAY if you like forza u luv cock xDDDD'' yes it's dumb but simply stating I didn't like 5 is not dumb in any way
  4. Zotobom
    So other opinions are dumb? nice
  5. Zotobom
    yeah ok you can stop dumbing all my posts about not liking forza 5


    seems to be an ongoing trend of you dumbing people with other opinions

    all people must assimilate to superior admiester opinions
    heil admiester
  6. CrimsonChin
    You made sackboy sad.
  7. CrimsonChin
  8. CrimsonChin
    I suppose when your raging hypocrisy is the only subject, then the only options are to either not respond or to finally acknowledge it.

    Well done, you're becoming self aware. Now you can work on knowing when to stop responding, or block people.
  9. CrimsonChin
    Your hypocrisy is just too good, and it's especially fun when you completely avoid acknowledging it every time it's brought up, much like you will in your next response.
  10. CrimsonChin
    Sure, if you can fuck off with your constant negativity towards practically every Playstation related post.

    I remember when everybody called you out when you were rating every fucking Infamous screenshot dumb, "I don't like this thing so I'll inexplicably rate it dumb" indeed!

    Good times.
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