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  1. Blazyd
  2. C0linSSX
    are you a little boy in spain playing pianos filled with flames?
  3. dass
    No idea. I also don't know what the hell happened for it to change to such random piece of shit.
  4. dass
    I actually prefered cod4 vanilla. Anything else seemed shoddy made or so.
    If they were cod4 style/sized maps, it would be perfect for me, and a nice player count, if spawns are good. Honestly, cod4 had a great spawn system imo.

    Don't mind him much, but he's alright. Hopefully has Nick Frost by his side, they make a great team.
  5. dass
    Don't think that MW3's crowd wont be putting their wet sick paws on this game aswell. But then again, almost the whole community around CoD is like MW3's "special community". I have no idea why people would even like the maps as they are now. No idea whatsoever... "But its supposed to be fast paced"/"But its not supposed to be like Battlefield"... Well I don't think any maps are supposed to play like a bunch of people playing in a maze full of connected paths. CoD4 had near perfect maps, MW2 had good maps, at least ok. BO if I remember it right had maybe a few that I personaly didn't enjoy but MW3 just blows anything bad out of the water. You might be taking "the longest path from A to B", and if you do a turn to the left/right, you will get to B faster AND end up in C or D... Not to mention that whenever that happens, some guy WILL get behind you or any way else. I really miss the dynamism from CoD4. Each team on one side instead of dying and spawning in the middle of the other team.
  6. dass
    I'm scared for some things about it, mainly the horses and the performance (BO1 still has some performance issues) but I like how they are doing a futuristic setting aswell now. Hopefully its futuristic enough to not include super tactical things (which annoyed me to hell and back on MW3, fuck you ak47...) and not futuristic enough to see blasters and shit like that. And above all, big ass maps instead of the "start sprinting, take a left, reach end of the map"
  7. dass
    Unfortunately (maybe, don't know if you hate it) its from the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 trailer.
  8. D3N1ZFTW
  9. D3N1ZFTW
    You were saying pancakes.
  10. KvltasFvkk
    fap fap fap fap accept my fr faggot fap fap fap fapp
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