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  1. Bradyns
    Why the avatar?
  2. wauterboi
    Your doubt of fulfillment isn't based in reality though. I totally feel fine and way better as I've become more atheistic. I had to go down the spectrum. I had to learn to accept the futility of life as we will all die in the end, and the fact that there is no purpose. It is accepting that allowed me to rediscover myself, since the lack of intrinsic value allows me to designate it as I wish. I gain fulfillment by doing what I want, defining my own success and failures, and hanging around people that matter. I spend time to the best of my ability. If I were religious, I would be deprived of my freedom as I would have to follow another person's guidelines and format for a life I'm not interested in. And, to be honest, I don't think the afterlife is in any way necessary. I don't need to live forever. In fact, living forever is what deprives life of any meaning and value.
  3. wauterboi
    It's not a happy thought. It's not the religious that I have problems with - problems with people can be chalked up to personality issues. It's the religion. It is what religion often does to people, and what it preaches. It preaches futility and darkness to me. It's vile. To accept religion is to accept a life lived with depression. I refuse to accept religion because of the distortion it provides on reality, especially on top of the literal logical pitfalls that prevent me from accepting that God exists. It neither makes sense nor comforts me to think of God.
  4. wauterboi
    However, the bad news is something that haunted me even when I was invested in Christianity. By Middle School, I was afraid of everyone, not because they were people to fear, but people I would lose to the depths of hell. I can't possibly save all my friends. A lot of my friends are atheist, a lot are straight up sinners, but good sinners in my opinion. Denial of God's existence is often touted as the ticket to hell, and using the Bible as a book of reference makes it hard to deny that these are violations that lead to hell. And so there in heaven I would be, alone. I could have some of my beloved friends, but it would be God that put the others into the furnace.
  5. wauterboi
    It seems I always ultimately end up at a completely separate conclusion. It is because I love life and love others that I opt out of religion.

    The fundamentals of religion often scare me. Some people try to start out with the good - after all, religions like Christianity and Catholicism have some good. It's undeniable. I start out with the bad, and this leads to cognitive dissonance - it makes both you and I unwilling to accept the other person's conclusion because we start with what we want to see and it is hard to detract from out wants. Starting with the bad news makes it hard to accept the good.
  6. wauterboi
    Your reasonable nature and the willingness to discuss is exactly what I think people should be. That's why if someone were to have a question about religion despite my opinion, I'd probably point them over to someone like you.
  7. wauterboi
    I consider myself to be a brick wall when it comes to these things. They're persuasive enough for me to consider the argument to be reasonable, but flawed. It's respectable in that it's not condemning, but it's still defending something I can't agree with. It's the conduct that is enticing, and ensures that despite my disapproval of religion itself, you're enjoyable to interact with and discuss things with.

    Many atheists take it upon themselves to [I]hate[/I] others. I don't hate you or others. I don't even necessarily hate the religion entirely on its own. The points you bring up are great. It's just that there's the bad stuff comes alongside the good. I do question whether you flat out deny the bad, however, or deny the extent to which the bad things are bad.
  8. EuSKalduna
    Talk to the hand, heathen
  9. pipantarctic
    Švejk is a well written character.
  10. Big Bang
    we're all just waiting for Maduro to fuck off now.
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