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  1. wauterboi
    I consider myself to be a brick wall when it comes to these things. They're persuasive enough for me to consider the argument to be reasonable, but flawed. It's respectable in that it's not condemning, but it's still defending something I can't agree with. It's the conduct that is enticing, and ensures that despite my disapproval of religion itself, you're enjoyable to interact with and discuss things with.

    Many atheists take it upon themselves to [I]hate[/I] others. I don't hate you or others. I don't even necessarily hate the religion entirely on its own. The points you bring up are great. It's just that there's the bad stuff comes alongside the good. I do question whether you flat out deny the bad, however, or deny the extent to which the bad things are bad.
  2. EuSKalduna
    Talk to the hand, heathen
  3. pipantarctic
    Švejk is a well written character.
  4. Big Bang
    we're all just waiting for Maduro to fuck off now.
  5. wauterboi
    Honestly, that's really want I want this forum to be, but a lot of people get caught up in ego and looking "cooler" than everyone else, and it bugs me. I'm not really interested in that. I think too many people are caught up in not looking "edgy", or like a loser or something, and unfortunately it just looks desperate. There should be more people on this forum that are willing to have a conversation without calling the other person a retard or whatever. I haven't seen you resort to that, so you're cool.
  6. wauterboi
    I think you're a level headed guy that doesn't get too swayed by emotions or petty remarks about random stuff. Dunno. I think there may have been some sort of stigma against your posts in the past but I'm not well acquainted with history to know or care. From what I've seen you're a cool guy and although I disagree with you I still have fun reading your posts and responding to them. My eagerness to respond is generally more to see how you respond to them as opposed to destroying your argument or whatever. That's generally how I learn about stuff - argue with people until I can argue no more.
  7. Bradyns
    You make in-depth posts which are good for a read.
  8. Bradyns
    We can disagree, but you're a clever cookie.
  9. thelurker1234
    So when do you plan to grow out of your edgy capitalist phase and come back to national socialism?
  10. Mr.Brown
    Well I'm pretty good

    just wanted to check how you're doing
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