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  1. /B/rother
    I would really appreciate if you are up for trying to salvage these photos man, where do i hit you up?
  2. _charon
    I was joking but that's actually a really nice photo
  3. _charon
    nice tits
    gonna need that avatar source
  4. EuSKalduna
    I love you so much
  5. Jericho_Rus
    ur burds are the best
  6. Trumple
    Cool, nice bit of software - I'm using the CC version.

    Yep, micro SD only. It comes with a 16GB one, which is enough for maybe 2-3 flights depending on how much video you shoot. You also want to be shooting in J+R mode (JPEG + raw), so you get raw images to use in Lightroom and JPEG ones to just quickly share or whatever. That uses a bit more disk space but worth it IMO.

    Cool, best of luck. Make sure you read the manual and fly in a huuge wide open space the first time, just incase :)

    Have you any experience with cheap quadcopters?
  7. Trumple
    Ohh, good choice! Yeah scaling 4k down to 1080p is much better than shooting straight 1080p because of that chroma sub-sampling malarkey.

    Yep agreed. See what you think with the current version on the app store. If you need the older one let me know.

    Ahh, nice. Post it when you do!
    Do you have any editing software?
  8. Trumple
    Ah nice ok, heard of them before. Not sure if they have a repair place but I think Heliguy etc. will still repair it if needed. What version of the P3 did you get?

    Ohh nice, ok so Android. The current version of DJI Pilot (just renamed to DJI GO) is a bit buggy, so let me know if you want me to send you an old APK. The old version lets you change quality settings manually which can reduce the FPV lag

    I use a Nexus 5, works well!

    Ah ok, nice one! You'd be surprised how many people fly with ignorance. Where abouts in the UK do you live, if you don't mind me asking?

    And no problem!
  9. Trumple
    i'm not even sorry
    you're going to love it!

    Where did you buy it from? I would really recommend buying from a dealer rather than DJI directly. Sometimes the dealer can fix any problems you might have without having to send it back to DJI and wait 4-6 weeks.

    Also for the sake of yourself and everyone in this hobby please read and stick to the CAA guidelines:
    The key one is don't fly within 150m of a "congested area" (residential areas, busy parks, etc.)

    But yeah, have fun, fly safe, and take time to do lots of research before you turn it on. Feel free to ask any questions!
  10. kirby2112
    Hey man, I know you didn't post a ton in the photog thread, but I really enjoyed seeing your stuff when you did, so I hope you'll join the Slack site thingy that was created! I think if you PM flippr he can add you to the group
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