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  1. Ghost656
    every atheist votes ron paul ofcourse wow
  2. Ghost656
    You're seriously dumb.
  3. N0 WAR
    all atheists vote ron paul duh
  4. JgcxCub
    I think there must be about 3 people altogether on FP that actually properly understand misogynism
  5. RobbL
    Please provide some counter arguments or i'll just assume you're being a contrarian douchebag
  6. RobbL
    Verbal discrimination against men isn't sexist just because it's more prevalent amongst women? Wha-what?
    If a man is discrimated against because of his gender, then that's sexism. Whether such discrimination is common and deep-rooted throughout the wider world has no bearing on that unlike what you're suggesting.
    People are individuals, it's not like every woman is subject to all the misogyny present in the world and every man is responsible for that. That's pretty terrible logic
  7. RobbL
    Again, people are individuals. Women and men aren't single entities or hiveminds. If one women is discriminated against the hurt that is causes for her doesn't magically spread throughout the whole of the female population. Likewise, just because men as a whole have discriminated against women more so than women have done so against men doesn't mean that every single man has to be subject to the implications of that and is responsible for said discrimination
    It's like vou're saying women discriminating against men isn't sexism because as a whole, women have been subject to more discrimination. Again, that implies that every individual man is responsible as if we're all a hivemind, and goes on the illogical assumption that the overall offended can never offend the overall offenders
  8. RobbL
    Take a man who treats women equally. A woman who he has never met before starts discriminating him because of his gender. Now according to people like you that's not sexism because of what a large amount of his fellow men have done and what a large amount of the women's fellow women have suffered. (btw isn't that the definition of generalisation?)
    Ultimately, all discrimination happens on an individual level. Why should innocent people bear the implications of the actions of other members of their group? Yes that does happen, but it's not a desired side affect of society and it directly goes against our ideals of fairness and equality
  9. RobbL
    The ones you rated dumb
  10. RobbL
    Reply to my posts


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