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  1. Oicani Gonzales
    nobody wants you here go awaayyyy
  2. Oicani Gonzales
  3. mrmr
    You need to chill and stop threatening me
  4. mrmr
    what are you doing lake man
  5. mrmr
  6. Blazyd
  7. EvilMattress
  8. EvilMattress

  9. Quq
    83. Let him play with your old socks
    84. Stroke him the direction that his fur goes
    85. Admire his long whiskers
    86. Keep his box away from his food
    87. Pretend that he’s a piano
    88. Don’t interrupt them while they’re eating
    89. When they’re scared go and comfort them
    90. Let him have a lick
    91. If their breath stinks give them Greenies
    92. Give him a ball with a bell in it
    93. If it’s hot put ice in their bowl
    94. Let him drink out of the sink
    95. Don’t vacuum if it scares him
    96. Draw a picture of him
    97. If you drop some food it’s theirs now
    98. Read him a book
    99. Feed him again
    100. Just love him every day
  10. Quq
    59. Make a vet appointment
    60. Give them a little wet food
    61. When they scratch you don’t get angry
    62. Give them some private time
    63. Treat them with respect
    64. When he grooms himself say good job
    65. Let them chase a laser pointer
    66. Clean out their ears
    67. Never smoke around them
    68. Buy a sturdy cat carrier
    69. Listen to them purr
    70. Something by temptations
    71. Give them your full attention
    72. Don’t trap them in the laundry basket
    73. Let them sleep in bed with you
    74. Make sure they’re not locked in the closet
    75. Don’t let them play in plastic bags
    76. Give them a massage
    77. Touch him as you pass by
    78. If he’s on the couch don’t be mad
    79. If they hate fans turn the fan off
    80. When there’s a bird outside say hey look
    81. Intrigue them with a funny sound
    82. Don’t forget sardine time
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