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SoUl_ReApEr2 sucks big smeggy brony cock

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  1. Tom Hutchins
    Im wishing cancer upon you. head cancer.
  2. DruggedEllis
    Now why would I want to Die? That's just silly~
  3. Tom Hutchins
    I dont care. Die.
  4. DruggedEllis
    :v But I don't want to have kids.
  5. Tom Hutchins
    Die faggot. You pollute the gene pool.
  6. DruggedEllis
    Also kinda figured you were homophobic. Since well... you buy titles for people who have avatars of things you hate. *sighs*

    I hope this is a joke. If not I pitty you.
  7. DruggedEllis
    Wait I have ADHD and I'm a plague? You are the gift that keeps on giving sir.

    Thank you for bringing such joy into my life~
  8. Tom Hutchins
    ADHD, Autism, Homosexuality.

    You are a plague


    "I am a I don't know how that's an insult..."

    bahahahahaha, of course you fucking are. classic.
  9. DruggedEllis
    Also happy 1 week anniversary!! gimme smooch~
  10. DruggedEllis
    I am a I don't know how that's an insult...
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