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  1. mufasa16k
    Pat where da fook did you go... havent talked to you since old alpha. you need to get more involved in shit now adays!
  2. apk07
    Any luck on the desync glitch? I Just upgraded my PC so i could start streaming in a game i have 500+ hours in. And my new, far more superior, machine can't even play rust without desyncing non stop. No lag, 120+ fps constant. I uploaded my clock.scv and dxdiag in that thread you posted. Could you guys please look further into this..
  3. Callaen
    I fixed my glitch,

    I wanted to upgrade my pc, so I did. I had an AMD Athlon 64 x2 processor, 4 gb ram, Asus M2N-Deluxe MB, Nividia 98OO GT 1GB gpu.
    I went to MicroCenter and bought a M5A99fx Pro 2.O MB, 8GB Corsair Vengance 1866 ram and an FX 835O 4ghz cpu. I have been playing for 2
    hours now and not once have I desync'd/ghosted. I usually desync anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes when I log on and continue to do so
    every few minutes. I am SO HAPPY!!
    I am going to grab a GTX 78O gpu and an EVO 84O 25Ogb ssd next and Windows 7 64 bit

    Anway, While I was trying to use the Ulink program that they were using to try and help figure the issue with everyone, I found mine and just wanted to share.

    Take care all and hope this helps!!!!

  4. dogs eater
    When UK servers are back?
  5. Stroudy91
    Pat are servers being wipped tomoz can you please comfirm this please
  6. sShadowSs
    Hey Pat just wanted to thank you for the arrow keys fix. (I'm a Lefty) I can't seem to rebind the use key, no matter what I bind it to it's always e.

  7. Deusex Octave
    yo bro you got some of theat sweet rust key because you got gold m8
  8. geogzm
    I'm banned on Rust - I'm not sure why. I was livestreaming when it happened
  9. geogzm
    Hey, Rust's down and I noticed the update history cut away the updates from 1 day ago, did you guys roll back?
  10. darth-veger
    Here is something to put on the home page. As it might keep people from fucking around
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