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  1. Tark
    i sucked garrys british bollocks
  2. Jagur
    Judging by the comments on your profile you probably just flame anybody that disagrees with you and are a huge hypocrite hahahah
  3. Jagur
    kid if you're gonna flame and call shitposting might as well look at all of my posts including the original content i've posted in the firearms threads. i think you're mad
  4. Maximoon
    you're a huge flamer
  5. Mbbird
    that would have been funny if i had more than 3 posts on the se forums

    but alas, perhaps ad hominem will fall out of popularity sometime soon.
  6. usa
    first off, sarcasm is not actually that funny, sorry to break your bubble.

    dark raven's post was not a joke. he didn't flick through the thread before posting, then tried to cover it up by acting sarcastically. people pointed out the "PENIS" joke on the first page.

    then you became a hypocrite by making a useless post below mine along with 2 other people. admittedly mine was useless too. but point out the obviously useless is useless in itself. report don't reply ALWAYS applies.
  7. usa

    A person who indulges in hypocrisy.
  8. Bumbanut
    Well, fair enough. I remember spending hours playing it when I was 7 or 8, and it was definitely more difficult back then than it is now. I still occasionally play it and so far it's my favourite game of all time.
  9. Bumbanut
    Come on, man. Oni wasn't difficult at all - it was sometimes challenging, but that was because it required some tricky controls and jumps and stuff. Did you ever beat it or no?
  10. wulfe8857
    I find it interesting that you use the "it doesn't affect you so why do you care" argument about PewDiePie. If that is the truth, why does anyone care about anything other than their own desires? It's because humanity has a tendency to care about their community, and with a number of us, Youtube/LPs is one of the communities we're a part of. PewDiePie is the scum of the Let's Play community, as he brings it down to just screams and shouts that have no comedic or informative value to them. So yeah, it can matter to other people. Just because we don't watch him doesn't mean we can't be annoyed by his existence.
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