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  1. Vault
    Everyone hates the shit out of Uber Humor but you and some other guy. We cannot ignore it because [B]WE LOOK AT EVERY IMAGE POSTED IN THE LMAO PICS THREAD[/B]. You seem to be the one who does not get it. You do NOT keep the thread going. You derail it into a reply storm of why we hate LMAO pics. Thank you for playing.
  2. Vault
    So you're just doing it for shits and giggles. I see.

    hang yourself.
  3. Vault
    Look. Nobody likes Uber Humor. It is [B][U]not[/U][/B] funny. The only thing it contributes to the thread is 10+ replies on it saying how we hate Uber Humor. I made a comic explaining why we don't like it.
    Now kindly stop.
  4. cccritical
    stop posting shit from uberhumor PLEASE FUCKING STOP SHIT DICKS
  5. Vault
    You're telling me to stop posting? You're the one posting the bad images here, not me. Are you the owner of Uber Humor or something?
  6. Vault
    Never ever post Uber Humor. I don't care if you're doing it to be funny or ironic, but just for the sake of everyone, don't post Uber Humor ever again.
  7. RTB
    I'll get to porting Peach and Daisy sometime later. Not sure when, but sometime.
  8. JoeSkylynx
    You were stating we should feel guilt for eating or using cattle for our own lively hood... Felt like sending an image which would give you a little insight.
  9. JoeSkylynx

    In case you don't go back to the thread.
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