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  1. c:
    ok if im gonna get sued for kissing you then can i kiss you first
  2. c:
    can i kiss you
  3. c:
    O: YOU'RE A GIRL????? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. Dylan_94
    It use to be turbo, too. That's really what i want from it again. I like engines a little bit more than the style of things, so cosmetics always come second to me.
  5. Dylan_94
    Naaah, I'd do it if i wasn't allocating my money to something else. The shocks and springs are getting a bit tired, 2 out of 4 wheels are bent, only one of them has the proper hub bore, and the tires are getting low on tread. So i might not have a choice but to get new wheels and tires sometime in the next 3-5 months, but hopefully i can get my new car before then. Don't worry though, i'd never sell the civic. It's taught me too much, and i've been through so much with it.
  6. c:
    <3 c;
  7. Bob The Poster
    bro hit me with your steam we gotta catch up
  8. FelixDragon
  9. MC DGNF H2
    smooshed snouts
  10. Naught


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