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  1. Ownederd
    and even if i did say something that could be an example of stereotyping, i didn't intend for it to communicate that. sorry
  2. Ownederd
    i was only pointing out people who specifically act backwards and i'm basically just rephrasing what the last two posts in the thread said, just in a different manner and with a bit less fluff. the only real reason i'm presenting this argument is because people should get on people's backs for being assholes. i give a damn about people treating others like garbage, there's really no other way i can spin it around.
  3. Ownederd
    am i saying is there an issue with directly associating with one specific fandom in general? hell no, that's exactly what you said - stereotyping

    what i'm saying is that people should make the effort to call out others who want to haze and tantalize specific minorities in certain communities
  4. Ownederd
    was that really needed? all i'm saying really is that it shouldn't be ignored
  5. zhalcyon441
    i'm going to host a party when you get permabanned one day
  6. Skunky
  7. elixwhitetail
    I'd tell Facepunch about Conservapedia's antics since the last time they heard of them (I can't imagine that it's possible that FP has *never* heard of the Trusworthy Encyclopedia.. and, yes, they made that typo in their wiki logo), but the last thing that shithole needs is more traffic to feed the sysops' assorted mental problems and Andy Schlafly's circlejerk of a hate blog that's now completely abandoned any pretense of being a Conservative version of Wikipedia for Christian homeschoolers.

    And the reason I mention this is, Conservapedia is basically the closest fundie right-wing equivalent to r/atheism, only much smaller. At any given time, roughly 1/8th of the world's IP blocks are likely to be under a range-block IP ban from the wiki, taking millions out at once because ONE IP in that range was a proxy used by a liberal vandal that went straight to trolling the most turbo-butthurt mod of the 6-7 power-mad sycophants that make up the owner's leadership team.
  8. elixwhitetail
    FP is pretty demented about ponies and furries, but hey. r/atheism is a whole other stain. I'm familiar with the antics of that crowd from the fairly constant coverage on RationalWiki of whatever the latest stupid thing TAA posted or whatever.
  9. Jesus Crits
    I need more hypnotic ones.
  10. Aircraft
    How did you get your title.
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