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  1. Levithan :3
  2. Psycho9182
    UT2004 <3
  3. Jagur
    praise 3d movie maker god
  4. Jagur
  6. Spectre1406
    Yup, it is. I recall someone ported that model of your avatar to Gmod.
  7. Spectre1406
    I mean which program is it, it must have something to do with movie making program for children.
  8. Spectre1406
    I forgot where's your avatar from.
  9. CordlessElm
  10. CordlessElm
    Someone dying is a fucking joke to you? You little bitch? I graduated top of my class in the army, and I’ve been involved in secret raids on Iraq, I have over 300 confirmed kills. I'm trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before. I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced, so you better prepare for the storm, A storm that wipes out the pathetic thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead. I can be anywhere, anytime, I can kill you in over 700 ways, and that’s just with my hands. I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your ass off the face of the Earth, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your clever rating was about to bring upon you. You goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it.
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