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  1. Stiffy360
  2. SirDavid255
    catfish: HELLO
  3. Hogie bear
    hey add me, I need to ask you something.
  4. Sam Za Nemesis
    join the church of iGNUcius
  5. zurf3r
  6. Stiffy360
    Displacements. :D
  7. Giraffen93
    dude how do you even make roads like that? decals?
  8. YourStalker
    Hai Stiffy. Seems like you made the mistake of arging on the internet. Gg
  9. HumanAbyss
    then take it to the debate page if you want to pop into a thread about the discussion of text books and what they should say about science because when you argued in that thread, what you have argued for, you are not arguing against just us, you are literally arguing with an organization of people who have spent their life dedicated to education. People who know more than I do, and more than you do certainly.

    I do not have to refute the assertions made, you have to back them up.

    I'm sorry for insulting you, that truly was immature. but you have readily thrown aside all aspects of the scientific theory as being some almost form of close mindedness, but you have shown that you don't really understand exactly how the scientific method is demonstrated and used by scientists. Every statement you made proved that. that does not make me close minded.
  10. Stiffy360
    So you two are just gonna insult me on my profile? that's really mature.

    And frankly I was just stating a point. I wasn't shoving it down your throats unless a debate covers that. You, in fact, aren't being a good debater, and when I leave because I was getting quite tired, (these kind of debates can go on forever) you proceed to insult me on my profile and calling me a troll, or an idiot.

    And I gave you my evidence and points, and you simply refuse to recognize them.

    Trying to refute points from 6 different people is hard, especially if I'm alone.
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