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  1. Iago
    yea give power to a corrupt government that has tons of organized crime.
  2. Iago
    I'm just saying nasa isn't at it's full potential and we need to deal with economic problems first
  3. Iago
    Also trying to leave this "mudhole" the way it is and actually expecting colonies will be OK too?
  4. Iago
    Implying taking pictures are rocks on a desert would help pave a way to colonys in space.

    Titan has 100x of natural resources than earth but NASA is too busy dicking around and nerds on earth are jerking off to mars empty landscape.

    Theres deserts on earth that looks exactly like Mars except it's actually live able.
  5. Iago
    Tax payer money being wasted on senting robots to a empty desert. Not being used to benefit anybody on earth or helping the economy at all.
  6. Iago
    Haha I bet you support NASA too huh?

    Get over yourself bro.
  7. Lijitsu
    I don't think you have any idea what the word 'subtle' means.
  8. Lijitsu
    The fact that I have something against Communism is irrelevant. I have something against needless additions of big pictures and woefully out of place "patriotic" messages. I'd've rated the same way if someone posted the same way in a Capitalistic way.
  9. [Green]
    Et olis ehtiny, Ikiviher oli paras suomalainen koko Alueessa vuonna nakki ja makkara. Tappo pääpahiksen ja siitä tuli alokaskylää terrorisoiva kiusaajamercci exossa ja gaussikanuuna kätösessä. Vidu jees. Sidorovich kuoli ja Ikin entinen toveri korvas sen joten Iki nyt sitte johtaa sen yksityistä palkkamurhaaja-armeijaa. Ja se ampu alas kaks helikopteria tappamalla pilotit pääosumalla. Ensimmäinen oli Hind-hävittäjäkopteri liikkuvasta ja heiluvasta autosta TRG:llä ja toinen oli maan läpi Gaussilla, Sidin bunkkerista.

    Ikiviher on paras suomalainen.
    Ja jos teet omastas suomalaisen, katoki että pysyt samalla tasolla perkele.
  10. [Green]
    eeköhä tuota, kysy Croguylta jos tahot mukaan.
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