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  1. GrizzlyBear
  2. thelurker1234
    o shit an avatar change

    ur 1 of the users whom I never recognized by name but by avatar
  3. Sam Za Nemesis
    O administrador de empresas Aurélio Fernandes não acreditou quando o carro do Uber chegou ao seu prédio hoje pela manhã em São Paulo. Ao volante estava ninguém menos do que a presidente afastada Dilma Rousseff.

    "Entrei no carro e nem acreditei. Achei que fosse algum sósia, alguém fazendo uma pegadinha, sei lá. Então ela começou a dizer que clicou num anúncio do Facebook que prometia emprego no Uber e resolveu tentar", disse o cliente.

    Durante o trajeto, a presidente afastada reclamou dos motoristas. Ao levar uma fechada, ela botou a cabeça pra fora e ficou gritando "É gole! É golpe!". Ao fim da corrida, em vez de pagar R$ 25, o preço usual, o passageiro viu que a corrida custava R$ 30. Sim, com Dilma dirigindo, a inflação chegou ao Uber. Dilma não ofereceu nada ao passageiro.
  4. Headhumpy
    "Yeah." might be the greatest one-word post I've ever seen on Facepunch.
  5. IAreLegend
    I just want to say, although I don't agree with your political standing, your posts are extremely well articulated and you always have a good point to make
  6. Trebgarta
    Dont drink & drive !!!!
  7. Trebgarta
    You are younger than 18? You "sound" much older than that.

  8. GrizzlyBear
    What's your opinion on Cameron resigning? While I don't agree with everything you say I still think you make pretty informative posts and your opinion is pretty interesting to read about on SH. Who do you hope takes his place?
  9. mdeceiver79
    I'm glad you started a blog. Reading your various article atm. Can't say I agree with it all but its a good read.
  10. TCB
    and when i say her family, i'm not talking about oldass henry the eighth shit, there are much more recent examples of the royal family doing some fucked up shit. i don't know why you're asking for evidence as if it isn't common knowledge (i can't provide actual links rn sozpal but just do ya googles) but i thought everyone knew they were at least a little bit shady? +in regards to the laughing stock "hearsay", it's no secret that the queen causes national embarrassment simply because we're still clinging to ancient bullshit ~traditions~ like birth rights, any other country in the world with a monarchy is looked at in contempt ever since the world realized empires aren't a noble endeavor, britain gets a free pass because of tradition? again, i can't give you pasted links at the moment but i'd imagine it actually takes an amount of effort to not be aware of these sorta facts despite growing up in a place like the UK
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