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  1. Tinter
    Well it did further my expectations, but still. Crate spawns in air, parachute spawns, added some code to move it to the crate, but then it fails at the AttachTo part.
    testpara AttachTo [ammo1]
  2. Tinter
    testpara = "NonSteerable_Parachute_F" createvehicle getpos ammo1; testpara AttachTo [ammo1];

    I added this to an ammo box and spawned it in the air as a test. It falls to the ground at terminal velocity and starts smoking, then a parachute appears. What is wrong?
  3. Tinter
    You could atleast make a good target, but no. Flying around with your stupid jetpack.
  4. Tinter
    i hate you i hate you i hate you you stupid hive shotgun you are smell of marine boot sweat stupid marine
  5. inebriaticxp
    no respawn was intended, although feel free to add it if you think it's necessary
    helicopters not landing is really wierd, they always landed every time i tried it
    also the marker thing is strange to me, i haven't had any problems with the markers
  6. scout1
    can do
  7. Makol
    will do
  8. Winner
    Your avatar is so great
  9. Turing
    i love your avatar
  10. Qaus
    congrats on 17k posts


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