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  1. riki2cool
    I bought some copies of PD:TH before I knew it would be free. I could gift you a copy if you want me to.
  2. Don Merino
    I do see where you're coming from. I guess I was just disagreeing in the details, and probably, uh, bristling a little at your harsh choice of words in your criticism of my home country.

    But on a larger or more general scale, I totally agree with your criticism - Governments banning stuff has never really helped anything. If society wants to produce and to watch violent content, nothing is improved by outlawing or censoring violent content. If they're right and it's really a symptom of some underlying problem, then they're still just suppressing the symptom, not solving the problem. So, yeah, you're right.
    It all seems a little artificial, like we're being excessively cautions on that topic for the mere sake of maintaining some sort of image, or maybe trying to prove that we're all pacifists now and never going to start another war or systematically kill six million jews or whatever.
  3. Don Merino
    Sounds about right. But I don't see where Germany is a "joke" in that respect. North Korea is a joke. Germany is just a little more strict than others. Ever since the man with the small mustache, we've been terribly afraid of coming across as bloodthirsty, and then there's that stupid belief that violent games cause school shootings.

    Germany's rating system mostly has a problem with movies and games that "glorify" violence (e.g. rewards for killing innocents or simply an unnecessary amount of violence). And even those are not "censored". Those get put on a list of games and movies which aren't allowed to be advertised or even showcased. You can still buy them though.

    And nothing gets "censored" by our rating authorities - it's the publishers that censor their games because they don't want them to get an R rating or, worse, land on the index.

    Yeah, maybe Germany's rating system is a lot more restrictive than other countries'. But calling it a "massive joke" is just trolling.
  4. Don Merino
    Tell me more about the country I grew up in.
    Also name a country where the media is not a massive joke.

    "You are a dumb" as well, good sir.
  5. Batmoutarde
  6. Thomo_UK
    could you honk with the best of them?

    Could you reach up to the stars and say with all your heart, "I have honked."

    "I honked the best I could and may I honk even better than before."

    And so he honked, onward toward the stars he adored so much.
  7. Contron
  8. Luafox
    gotta grab the toast
  9. Solece
  10. Garrot
    6 billion corgis


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