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  1. Cowabanga
    yes, hello.
  2. Cowabanga
  3. l33tkill
    This dude makes them. Here's his gallery with all the animations that he's done so far.

  4. Killowatt
    made the avatar meself
    and I wubbbbbbbbb tali
  5. Mrglitch2000
  6. Ban Camp
    I'd be happy to accept you two back, you're both very nice.
  7. Ban Camp
    I cleaned out my entire friends list.
  8. Left4Meds
    I've been here for 4 years and you are one of the nicest posters I have seen in a long time. Your type of personality seems hard to come by these days.
  9. postal
    Yeah I tried the uninstall link but it's glitched, which has me hopeful this is all just a mistake. Also not sure what you mean by "Mods work fine" but if you're referring to SP mods, it depends on what mod it is. If it uses default scientist models and has moments where you require scientists to advance, like in Sweet Half-life, you could be fucked. Also what's this about moving the default models to custom mods? haven't heard about that.
  10. Animosus
    oh im all good now

    Was to do with relationships and bullying at school, but as i dont go to school anymore and i have gotten over the relationships its all good now.

    You seem nice, so ill add you anyway
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