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  1. NikouT
    Yes I painted those.
  2. Ban Camp
    Yaaaay <3
  3. Ban Camp
    Oooh, hes nice. i'm on me xbox, add me on steam later?
  4. Ban Camp
    Thank you!
    Say, whos yer bf?
  5. Ban Camp
    You did well on telling about transgenderism and telling how bad people are to it, I'm facing physical abuse due to me being trans and its nice to see smart people on the topic.
  6. Pilotguy97
    You're the first person to even identify it as a helmet, so well done?
  7. SuperDuperScoot
    Yeah I've heard of it, and I really think it's a load of bullshit.
    The concept of making your very own Reploid is cool imo, but the way they went about it was horrible. A social game!? Really!??
  8. SuperDuperScoot
    The farthest one I've gotten is in X6, but I'm stuck at the opening of Gate's Lab. I didn't get the jump chip and I'm just not skilled enough to get over the first set of spikes through other means.
  9. SuperDuperScoot
    I didn't end up playing through a lot of the X games, I just know a lot about them from watching playthroughs and reading many many wiki pages.
    If I left myself up to playing them I'd know nothing, because I really suck at them! (Own X1-X6 through a collection for the Gamecube...)
  10. SuperDuperScoot
    Of course!
    ... I know your icon is a Megaman character of some sort but I 100% forget who..
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