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  1. Aircraft
    Sorry, the way I worded that post wasn't correct. I was agreeing with you.
  2. Daddy-of-war
    Hey Mav, saw in the comments below you work on the subs? My brother is a nuke tech in Hawaii for the subs and shit. Be safe out there man.
  3. Cocacoladude
    Ayyy, so am I. USS Hawaii, which boat you on? Surprised to see another sub guy here.
  4. w0lfeh
    oh man its maverick. still the same avatar i see. terrifying.
  5. JumpinJackFlash
    I was trying to be nice about it, but it's you who gets all the stars. :(
  6. Nifae
    What scary stuff can happen on a submarine? D:

    Apart from pickles.
  7. bdd458
    whoa you're in ct right now, that's pretty far out because that's where I am

    I'm assuming by underwater dildos you mean subs, which is funny, because I pass by the base everyday on my way to classes
  8. Ricool06
    Newsflash chucklefuck, my hobby involves picking up heavy things until I can pick up heavier things.
    Oh you, subtly bashing every scrawny dude on FP for not working out.

    n-no homo
  10. Dysplasia
    you're an cool guy
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