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  1. Steve Harvey
  2. Zinayzen
    Okay I'm in on Sargantanas, finally. Azure Crest is the name, add me whenever I guess.
  3. slayer20
    Some lore names are really weird, like the Lalafel's names.
  4. Zinayzen
    i got lucky that i picked the right tribe, i guess. Hellsguard names are basically "adjective" "noun" and the noun is plant-ish for females and meat-ish for males. Sea Wolf names are fucking atrocious. Swozgeim Saldpfrymwyn is a lore appropriate name.

    My game seems to be stuck trying to authenticate the name I picked, so I'm just going to assume it's taking a while to connect with the server. Or something. But once it goes through I'll let you know.
  5. Zinayzen
    Sounds good to me.

    female roegadyn lore names are really weird but for some reason i feel obligated to pick a name that's lore appropriate.
  6. Zinayzen
    sounds good to me. i'm PST but i'm usually around whenever anyway. Add me on Steam, I can't decide on a name yet otherwise I'd just send you that
  7. Zinayzen
    okay i think i may come join you for now

    are you in a guild or something i have no idea how this works really
  8. Zinayzen
    Did you say you're on Sargatanas?
  9. Bryceanater
    whats your steam name
  10. Thisandstuff
    What's the source of the catgirl in your avatar?
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