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  1. rapperkid04
  2. Luxuria
    I tip people whole pennies!
  3. Luxuria
    i have literal dozens of dollars, no need to be jealous
  4. rapperkid04 :~)
  5. HumanAbyss
    but that's STILL not what I'm talking about or engaging in so I don't get why you keep going on about the pedestal. And I'm still, and have never talked about "unworthy" or anything like that.

    Like I said, they're people like anyone else so having confidence engaging them should just be a part of who you are. You need to engage all people confidently. So I'm not really sure where you're coming from when you say that I put women on a pedestal.
  6. HumanAbyss
    You're very condescending in that post.

    I'll reply later in depth, but I'd like to say in reply to one of your points specifically, that I just CANNOT deal with.

    "You're the one saying "treat women like people" we're not the ones putting them on a pedestal like you are." This. Is. Very. Stupid. I'm sorry, it just is.

    treating them like they are an ordinary, normal person, is right away, the EXACT OPPOSITE DEFINITION of putting someone on a pedestal. To put it in a scenario for you as you're fond of, say you're talking to a straight flaming 10/10 at the bar, rather than put her on a pedestal, I treat her like the relatively normal looking girl elsewhere. I don't put anyone(But my fiance) on a pedestal. I don't believe valuing a person, as a person, can ever be called "Put them on a pedestal".
  7. Trunk Monkay
    Cut your losses and jump off a bridge.
  8. HumanAbyss
  9. HumanAbyss
    Yeah, you've said they're bad, and that RSD thinks they're bad, yet, in my eyes at least, having that guy continue to teach because he's a "raunchy monster of a guy" as if that's something to respect, is not much of an argument.
    Like I said, if all you want to do is make assumptions about me and project bullshit on to me so you can have a strawman to attack, go for it, looks like you need the echo chamber. But take a minute and stop to think before calling someone "anxious" for having the ability to actually talk and confront a person, you seem fine with calling yourself confident for talking to women, but i'm an anxious shit because I can actually, you know, ask you questions and try to understand you? Yeah, you're really showing me.

    i hate having to two part this but it wasn't worth a pastebin.
  10. HumanAbyss
    Right because when you accused me of representing a person that I'm clearly not and don't necessarily share the views of, you weren't projecting?

    Right, because when you called me anxious, you weren't projecting? Do you even know what I mean?

    Right, because when you claimed maturity over me on the basis a mature person could never, ever confront a person about behaviour they don't understand, that wasn't projecting?

    Saying they got "Caught up in the moment" isn't dealing with my points head on and I have yet to see where they disowned his behaviour, but still, even disowning it but keeping the potential rapist in their group, teaching other men that potentially raping women is part of being confident and dominant, that isn't dealing with my arguments head on, that's excusing their actions.
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