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  1. Cocacoladude
    Nah, was a joke/reference to fallout.
  2. IceBlizzerd
    You're a good canadian friend!
  3. Samiam22
    Would have thought so.

    Still, that weapon choice. I would never have guessed.
  4. Samiam22


    Also, what? That's really odd. I would have thought they'd have kinda sorta completely ignored everything about DS2.
  5. Shotz
    random dude? that's mc ride fam
  6. Shotz
    Did I make it too big? I posted it on a laptop/tablet with a resolution of like 2700x1600 and it looked fine on there
  7. Talvy
    So it totally makes sense what you're saying, as I'm in a somewhat similar position myself. After really getting into the fandom, I eventually figured that replacing my furry profiling with something more neutral was a smart thing to do - it became more of a personal side hobby of mine. But I for one still consider myself one, because I personally don't let the generalization change what the real definition is. Instead, I want to fully grasp what it is that makes it so complicated, and get others to approach things from more than one point of view.

    At this point I have kind of lost track of my thoughts; it's late here, and there's much more to this - but maybe you got something out of this anyway.
  8. Talvy
    In my view, people struggle to define a furry more than they need. You really just have to look at the term “furry fandom” to get it. How I see it, a furry is no more or less than a fan of anthropomorphic "animals", a.k.a. furries; that’s why it’s called the furry fandom. So if they specifically like anthro more than many other things, they technically are a furry to me. How they like it makes no difference to me.

    However, it's their choice whether or not to associate themselves with the fandom, like you said. I just find it sad that the people who give the fandom a better image choose to give up on it. They fail to see that these stereotypes still exist because people like them leave because of it.

    The line is crossed when these people distance themselves so far from the community that they begin to think they're in a position to talk smack about the fandom. This closet hypocrisy plays a notable role in why the fandom still is what it is.
  9. Talvy
    So how did you stop being one?
  10. Talvy
    Are you a furry nowadays or not? Like, I think you once declared that you are, but then took it back and said it's 'just' a fetish. Later, however, I saw you talk about some cute fursuit, but also about outgrowing the fandom... then again you were also defending the fandom in many ways, and you can name more furry artists than your average furry. I can't wrap my head around you.
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