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  1. StrawberryClock
  2. SashaWolf
    I always love seeing your avatar, such lovely art.
  3. Pvt. Martin
    My opinions come from how hard it is to keep optimistic about modern AAA gaming as they become more grey and vanilla, Beth is the only exception as they make nice games with awesome settings and shit.

    I got what I wanted, I had a good time playing Fallout 4 in the end. It just feels like others are unintentionally chipping slowly at the last vestage of my optimism. Plus it feels impossible to get Bethesda to listen to us, like is it THAT hard to just let Obsidian make Fallout instead of them? Why does Todd seemingly wan't to keep it to himself? Too expensive?

    Or is everything fine and it's just the internet making it sound much much worse than it all actually is?
  4. Pvt. Martin
    Some people want This War of Mine, others want Devil May FUCK YOU.
  5. Pvt. Martin
    Yeah I think we easily forget that the Modern Warfare trilogy is the perfect popcorn video games.

    I have seen games that do amazing things like Undertale, but sometimes I'm tired of games telling me I'm the bad guy for playing games about mindless killing, but I know I'm shooting at animated CGI models with pre-recorded voice boxes. It's all fake. I would never shoot something or something in real life, but in video games I'm more than happy to mow down raider after raider because they're not real people. Even if humanized to some degree it doesn't change the setting. The Post apocalypse is kill or be killed, no matter what. Besides a raider with feelings that still wants to kill me won't stop me from firing a nuclear slingshot at his face.
  6. Pvt. Martin
    Also I get people will have their issues too, but I wish they weren't so vile and white hot angry about it.
  7. Pvt. Martin
    I think people are too dramatic about stuff like Fallout 4.

    I have my issues but I'm still having fun. And all I want is to just have fun. Is it so much to ask on this internet?
    fallout 4 is fucking trash you have shit opinions
  9. paindoc
    motherfucker do you know how hard i am trying to stifle giggles in this goddamn quiet library i will fuckin get you back

    also forgot to mention this my best tinder match before i stupidly stopped using it suddenly for ~reasons~ was super nice, pretty attractive, and seemed cool

    But he worked for starbucks corporate and was going there right out of school
  10. paindoc
    you lose all of the flavor of the espresso with no advantages over drip

    coffee steamed right tastes nice too. but water just means you get slightly stronger coffee without the benefit of foam, flavor or texture wise. One of my favorite things, admittedly, still involves using caramel syrup. adding that to the milk, then frothing the milk, is awesome. because caramel milk and foam :D

    I get why it takes people time though, its like wine or hard alcohol. if you drink cheap flavored whiskey (ye fireball) all the time it tastes good, if you try good stuff the good stuff tastes bad but the more you try the fancy stuff the more you notice and enjoy that and the worse cheap stuff tastes. Chose a hell of a city to be a coffee guy in though, so yay. when I get less poor I'll send some good local shit your way, i've been on ~coffee adventures~


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