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    Jesus christ you're amazing.

    Like are you trying to help or hinder because you are literally fueling the fire.

    Like what the fuck is your problem with me?
    "chill the fuck out"

    people start drama (you) and bring up dumb shit for literally no reason
    people send me dumb shit over steam or visitor messages (or just bad posts in general)

    yeah totes I will chill out because there are so many things to be chill about in this situation
    yo whats your problem

    you bring up shit in the thread, I ask if you could bring it to to pms and you're like

    "lol no that's pointless because it won't do anything"

    like wtf do you want to discuss this or not
  4. Rhenae
    It is indeed.

    Do you mod on some other site? 'cause you talk like a mod, speaking of that thread. Just the way you are keeping civil and responding semi-formally while everyone else is just shit flinging lol.
  5. Manibogi
    I'm amazed at how well you managd to keep your cool. Don't let em get to you man
  6. Rhenae
    Those really delicious looking images and videos of food are actually referred to as "food porn" pretty often
  7. ~Kiwi~v2
    fuck im broke
  8. ~Kiwi~v2
    actually no im going to need your whole pack i'll buy you another next wednesday
  9. ~Kiwi~v2
    give me a cigarrete

    reading that whole gd thing makes me crave for relief
  10. ~Kiwi~v2
    I wish I was better :V


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