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  1. paindoc
    really though, i've been progressing in coffee. I've always really liked milk in my coffee, personally, but I just about can't drink starbucks anymore. Don't add sugar to my lattes anymore, milk is enough to smooth the flavor to what I like and I've started noticing subtle flavor and texture in my coffee beans

    its nice. cheaper, too. Also fuck americanos you were right I was wrong
  2. Sergeant Stacker
    Jesus Christ that post you made about minion bullshit being plastered everywhere in the theater you work in is legit horrifying. I get tired of seeing that shit in the store I work in, but I can't even begin to fucking comprehend what that had to have been like. I probably would have had to pay a therapist a visit.
  3. gastyne
    Oh yes I knew that.
  4. gastyne
    It's a sad turtle.
  5. ECrownofFire
  6. mcgrath618
    Go eagles m9
  7. Ze_Ghost
    That's a cool-ass avatar for a cool-ass dude.
  8. Tsanummy
    I tried it on my own profile and it looked really nice, hope you don't mind that its not virgin
  9. Tsanummy
    Hey, I don't know you, you don't know me (probably)

    But I thought your avatar would look better with rounded corners so I gave it a try:

    I thought it would be more fitting since its coffee, right?

  10. Jonesy.exe
    how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood



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