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  1. A Noobcake
    Kind of forgot to get back to you, but fuck it. The postal services have been fucking up bigtime with my recording gear, and the drummer of the band I was planning to cover died in a car accident today, so I'm just giving up. Thanks for being willing to collab, though! I may get back to you when people stop a) being complete retards and b) getting in car accidents.
  2. A Noobcake
    Great, I'll get cracking at it asap!
  3. A Noobcake
    Hey, I listened to some of your stuff and was wondering if you want to play main guitar on a punkish song for the cover album. Other people I'm pretty sure are in are me on a kinda sloppy rhythm guitar and bass, and Thaard on drums. Give the song a listen and tell me what you think!


    Or, if you have Spotify, [url][/url]
  4. Password
    mentally ill from amityville
  5. Agoolab!
    Maybe. To be totally honest I feel like disappearing off the face of the Earth at the moment. When I have spare time I'll rearrange my tracks and send you them in what order I want them to appear on the album and hopefully seeing as you have a good microphone and a nice voice that you could do the voice over narration of the parts to Shakespeare's war of the roses based play I mentioned in that OP.
  6. Clovis
    Well tbh I like the idea and all, just you me panda yurko and stuff without anyone coming in to submit a sub-par track (not because its awful but the whole thing will be team oriented and a song made by one guy when the rest is a group of completely different people working together will stick out like a sore thumb) - but if akayz gets his shit together, which he probably wont, then we'll see.
  7. Clovis
    I dunno, man. I dunno.
  8. Clovis
    Especially vocals of your caliber, Gilmour
  9. Clovis
    I'm so keen to start on the next album :swoon:
  10. Agoolab!
    Well I said hat "Are there any queers in the thread tonight?" was the best post and you said "Also the most ironic post."
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