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  1. Llamalord
    I bought 2000 OMG at $1.33, accidentally left a sell order at $4.5 the day it went to $10, so don't feel so bad.
  2. Llamalord
    Talking about NEO?
  3. Flameon
    Oh yeah OMJ! I remember him too.

    me and Bo Jackson still talk to each other almost daily
  4. Flameon
    Im touched! What was your name back then??
  5. Flameon
  6. Zufeng
    Thanks for advice dude.
    I knew i shouldn't stressed myself over that but,for some reason,i always see that everyone has a high expectation for me.
    Thats why sometimes i really stressed out,because i really striving for perfection
  7. Menien Goneld
    Thanks for the advice vis a vis phone network salesmen. I've dealt with it now and it was alright, although I did end up staying on EE. I legit just told them that I was going to switch to GiffGaff and the deal I was going to get, which EE then beat. I am contracted for another year but I have a lot more data with less restrictions so it's worth it IMO. The sales person even did the whole 'going out the back and then coming back and saying they've spoke to the manager to see what they can do' shtick which almost made me laugh.

    A lot of my negativity about EE comes from the tablet sale tbh, that was not a good day or a good decision lol.
  8. Samson0722
    He literally just acted like nothing happened yesterday.
    We went to the store to pick up some lumber and he turned it into a lesson.
    He never really apologized.
  9. ejonkou
    wow you changed your avatar...
  10. magicactus
    Awww, did messaging me this make you feel a little bit better about yourself, hon? I hope
    you have a great day, so sorry you feel so bad about yourself that you have to complain and assume about others <3 But actually no, I'm not like that irl/in person, 's just that people always throw their shit and problems at me, then are suddenly busy whenever they don't have fuckin' issues.
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