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  1. Jimbomcb
    Instead of extending people's bans for rightfully calling out assholes on the forum, you could actually do something to help stop the masturbatory immunity mods get when they're shitposting and flaming other people.

    Just because the user was dead and is unable to delete/report the posts on his profile doesn't mean that Craptasket should get a free ride. His whole gimmick on Facepunch has been riding a thin line and having this fake ~don't giv a fuk about ur shitty internet forum~ attitude, when in actuality he does certainly give a fuck when he's in the thread 24/7 banning people who have anything negative to say about him.

    This forum is just becoming a case of if you shitpost in the GMF/OIFY enough to become buddybuddy with the mods you can say and do what the fuck you like.
  2. Kirbunny431
    Praise be to postal!
  3. Robman8908
  4. NeverGoWest
    Hi postal besides the fact you closed my fav thread before page 420 I love you please stay rusty and keep being an awesome mod
  5. Zonesylvania
    let's go postal
    (but only on the rust kiddies)
  6. Camper99
    Damn postal, I envy you for your vast knowledge about reptiles, spiders and stuff.
  7. fritzel
  8. Zonesylvania
    I want to add you on Steam, what's your ID
  9. loggy07
    Hey i was wondering if u could look into unbanning me because i have never cheated just one day it said vac connector ban and im wondering if a virus maybe got onto my computer and i just really want to play rust some more
  10. StrawberryClock
    I'd like to thank you for giving me a ban when I was posting crap. 6 months clean and going strong.

    I slip up now and again but I like to think I'm on the right track.
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