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  1. hunterNormandy
    I love your avatar so much.

    such a cute cat.
  2. Mors Quaedam
    agreed with margen
  3. Margen67
    steve was rly mean 2 me thx 4 baning him :)
  4. .Lain
    i guess that makes sense
  5. .Lain
    i don't mean to come off as attacking your status or anything, you're free to think what you do, and i'm sure you have valid reasoning for it
  6. .Lain
    from what i'm reading you're saying death is the easy way out of it? maybe for the victim at that point if they can't deal with the physcological stress, but i personally think anyone that willingly ends the life of another human is bottom of the barrel.

    i guess 'easy way out' is a little tasteless on my behalf, but i can't put it in to better words :(
  7. .Lain
    what i'm saying is, rape won't ruin the life of the victim in every case, plenty of rape victims come around and learn to deal with the physological stress resulting from the trauma of it all and continue to lead normal lives.
    something that doesn't happen after being murdered, it's the end. no more chances
  8. .Lain
    well rape is fucking terrible but i think ending an innocent life is the worst of the worst
    murdering someone is making sure that person won't be able to live out their life to it's fullest and it has a huge impact on close family, what i would say is somewhat worse than the consequences of rape (which are still terrible in the end).
  9. Cowabanga
    good thing you started banning yo
  10. Chubbles
    oh I gotchu! you welcome gul.
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