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  1. DireAvenger
    What the hell is your face Krail

    I'd say ICE BURN but you're not COOL enough
  2. Ninja Gnome
    you know if you want others i could totally make them look good seeing as i am a ~pr0 giffixer master~ also i am pretty good with making custom gifs as well
  3. krail9
    what the hell is that [IMG][/IMG]
  4. agentgamma
    I know that feel. When I resized my Derpy sprite avatar, it put annoying edges that made it look horrible. So I had to crop it instead. Got it looking nice that way :P
  5. DireAvenger
    You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get GIF transparency to not be completely retarded.

    I swear to god I had several others I would've used but they kept ghosting or just looked shitty in 80x80.
  6. agentgamma
    I love your Lyra avatar :3
  7. DireAvenger
    Because Seltsam beats me at games and I don't like being beaten at games therefore he's a triple nigger in my book
  8. Ninja Gnome
    why seltsam, he has just been excited over a game that he recently bought, that is the only reason why he isn't on

    also are we still alienating inzuki or something
  9. DireAvenger
    Cool now you me and Exodus can still be bros

    Seltsam can fuck off though
  10. Ninja Gnome
    you've successfully done that LOL JK we're still friends
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