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  1. Umbra Fidelis
    Well I'll be damned.
  2. JoeSkylynx
  3. JoeSkylynx
    ahhh, also what did you mean by sign earlier?
  4. JoeSkylynx
    Horoscope? Leo.
  5. TAU!
  6. JoeSkylynx
    Yeahhh, saw that a lot in Arizona as well. Back there the homeless were mostly guys who got fucked over in the recession, and people would go and try to beat the shit out of them for drug money. Not a pleasant sight. Here in NoDak I tend to see people pick up the homeless and take them to a local church/homeless shelter to give them a place to sleep. It's a really weird sight tbh.
    And I honestly don't know why I smile all the time, I'm usually the most depressed person in my house it seems.
  7. JoeSkylynx
    You could always try playing more video games and all that. Honestly, I tend to keep to myself but that's more because of my tendencies to scare the crap out of people with my overly-excited nature and my "always smiling face"
    Most of my hobbies are spent in the outdoors, like fishing, hunting, and field science. Don't understand why I care for the latter of the three, but it gives me a sense of adventure to find endemic species.
  8. Luxuria
    omG sso ROmantiC1!1
  9. JoeSkylynx
    ahhh, well who knows. what about the guy you were talking to originally? You think about hanging out with him or anything?
  10. JoeSkylynx
    The fuck. That's really creepy then. I thought he'd be like the barista you meet up with every so often, and know by namesake, but that's just downright pervertish man. Like who the hell tries to get sex with someone who doesn't even know their bloody name.
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