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  1. F T
    thank you orkel
  2. Deriathan
    Luetteko enää niitä Support lipukkeita kun on yli 2 päivää menny?
  3. Adnap
    entire thread is a shitflinging contest after this point
  4. Bat-shit
    Sori vaivasta sen fast thredin suhteen :-P
  5. Techbot
    that subtle glow scared the shit out of me.
  6. ThomasakaHero
    [B][I]Delete my Account Please and all Treads [/I][/B]
  7. cccritical
  8. VenomousBeetle
    Hey I don't wanna start shit or anything but I was curious why Pigbear got a whole month for responding to a derail but the guy who derailed and also "offtopic / ratings shit / 3th ban within a month" got 7 days

    I don't know either of them so it's not my problem but I was just wondering whats up with that
  9. Katra804
    Will do, thanks.
  10. Katra804
    Hey there, Orkel. I don't know if you're the right person I should be bringing this to the attention of, but I've come across a small bug with the site that I can't seem to fix. There was a thread someone posted last night in the Rust section about being EAC banned that I took a brief look at, and it looks like you already trashed the thread. While a thread being trashed isn't normally that big of a deal, it seems that trashing the thread has caused a bug where the thread continues to appear on [URL=""]this page[/URL] as if it were still available. Since the thread was trashed and now causes that link to go to an invalid page, is there any way to stop that thread from showing, or is it just something I'd have to wait out until it clears itself from the page?
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